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Dynamically re-allocate your ventilators during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ventilators are in critical supply. Nationally, there are estimated to be as few as 100,000 ventilators. Models are projecting a need for more than 250,000 ventilators to combat the outbreak.

Cohealo can help.

  • Gain visibility into equipment inventory and current capacity
  • Optimize ventilators across geographies. Cohealo's algorithm scans the network to match supply with demand
  • Leverage our end-to-end logistics, including delivery, waybill creation, mobilization procedures, and chain of custody to ensure equipment is transported safely and that all assets are returned to point of origin

Sharing can save lives. Please reach out to learn more.

About Cohealo

Based in Boston, Cohealo is recognized as the first company to bring the sharing economy to healthcare. Cohealo optimizes equipment for health systems across the United States as well as the National Healthcare Service in the UK in partnership with DHL. Cohealo has been named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies List and CNBC’s Disruptor 50.